Free VIP Experience Plus

Dear Pyro Members

From today all new accounts will get Free VIP Experience Plus for two Days!!! 

All Old accounts will be given too, just PM me on facebook your User ID and i will Add it Manually!

Please find info on VIP Experience Plus on forums


Thanks, Pace.



2020-08-17 03:59

Forum Guide and Server Info Update

Good day to all,

We have updated the forum guides and server information with much more information to help all players understand the game better.

Please have a look through them.


Also we are excited to announce our Guild Transfer Promotion, Please go to Forums > Guild Transfer > Guild Transfer Applications for more Info!!



Skype: live:rocker_shehzad91_1


2020-08-14 12:07

Server Update

Welcome to Pyro MU


If you are wanting to look for our server info please click on the link below, (You'll have to make an account with us first)


Enjoy the Game!!



 Server Owner

 Skype: live:rocker_shehzad91_1

 Skype: live:austin.brown0314



2020-08-03 07:00